Weight Loss

Treat yourself to a smoother, sexier figure!


Many people don’t like carrying extra pounds because of the effect on appearance.

However, the danger to health is actually more worrisome than the image in the mirror. The truth is that the more overweight you are, the greater your risk for health problems.

You may know you need to lose weight, but sometimes it is tough to get started.

If you feel you need to loose weight and you had either fail previous diets in the past or you do not know how to get started WE CAN HELP

The Protéifine® protein diet basically consists of making a drastic reduction in the sugars and fats ingested while at the same time guaranteeing an adequate supply of proteins, thereby avoiding degradation of lean mass (skin, muscles, bones).

This high protein diet in accordance with the precepts of chronobiology.


  • Adaptation of eating rhythms and the stages of the Protéifine® diet to biological rhythms.
  • Integration of micronutritional supplements which are essential for balancing the body in line with biological rhythms (vitamins and calcium in the morning, iron in the afternoon, Omega 3 at night, etc.).
  • Prescription of neuromediators starting in the first phases of the diet (including Dynovance® and Sérovance®, both rich in neuromediator precursors), which helps prevent the frustrations and food compulsions that are so common during nutritional re-education.

Thanks to its integration in the various YSONUT Laboratories products, Rythmonutrition® will help you:

  • Re-synchronise your altered biological rhythms (unbalanced nutrition, stress, growth, sport, aging, various pathologies, jet lag, desk work, etc.).
  • Easily stay on the diet plan.
  • Maintain your new weight in the long term.
  • And rediscover physical and mental harmony.

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