Best non-surgical, no-downtime solution to treating problem areas including the arms, back, saddlebags, thighs, bottom, waist, abdomen, flanks and knees with Velashape Radio-frequency

Velashape treatment provides a toning and firming of the skin surface, temporary improvement to the appearance of cellulite and a temporary reduction to the circumference of treated areas. In addition, by increasing local blood circulation it can provide relief from minor aches and muscle spasms.

The system is safe, effective and FDA approved, combining Infra-red (IR) optical energy, Bipolar Radio frequency (RF), Vacuum Suction with mechanical manipulation technologies. The IR and RF technologies work together to provide dermal and sub-dermal heating. The vacuum and mechanical manipulations improve blood circulation, enhance lymphatic drainage and increase the metabolic rate of the adipose tissue.

Normally we recommend a course of 6-8 treatments at weekly intervals for best results.


Synergistic use of energies:

  1. Infrared Light(IR) heats the tissue up to 3mm in depth
  2. Bi-Polar Radio Frequency(RF) heats tissue up to 15mm in depth
  3. Vacuumensures precise delivery of energy

The combination of Infrared Light and Vacuum coupled with Bi-Polar Radio Frequency causes deep heating of the fat cells (adipocytes), their surrounding connective fibrous septae and the underlying dermal collagen fibres. Efficient heating of the adipocytes is achieved by higher output of the radio frequency. The optimal design of the electrodes and the application of vacuum allows for deeper and faster heat penetration. In turn, this promotes an increase in circulation, lymphatic drainage, cellular metabolism and collagen depositing. Furthermore it stimulates fibroblast activity and remodels the extracellular matrix bringing skin firmness and a resulting lift effect.

VelaShape brings over 10 years of clinical experience, over a dozen studies and over 5 million independent treatments globally and more published studies than any other medical body shaping treatment making it the most recognised non-invasive body contouring treatment in the world today.

VelaShape  is CE marked for body contouring and FDA cleared for circumferential reduction of the abdomen.

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