Surgical Mole and Skin Lesion Removal

Moles and skin lesions can be unsightly especially when on exposed parts of our body often affecting self confidence and self esteem , however they can now be easily be removed with minimal risk of scarring using a method known as cautery which literally vaporise the cells of the mole but leaves the healthy skin cells below with little or no tissue damage to allow very quick healing process and minimal risk of any scarring. It is ideal for any raised lesion on the skin, especially the face.

Minimal risk of scarring 

All patients initially have a consultation and diagnosis of the skin lesion to exclude cancerous lesions. Treatment usually only takes 20- 30 minutes. The mole removal procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic and is virtually pain free. A small dressing may be applied for a few days and most people can return to work the same day.

During the first week the there will be a small scab at the site of the excision, which quickly progresses to healthy new pink/red skin. Within the first few months this new skin quickly takes on the pigmentation of the surrounding skin making it virtually impossible to see where the mole or skin lesion was before treatment.

In safe hands with mole removal at Medikas 

Dr Molina who has over 20 year experience with minor surgery is a member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, with 5 years surgical background, also 10 years in general practice running a weekly minor op list and 12 years in aesthetic medicine.

Mole and skin lesion removal surgery is not available on the NHS , cosmetic surgery is a cost effective alternative to more expensive excision surgery with pricesfrom £100 for smaller lesions such as skin tags to £250 for larger skin lesions/ moles.