Medikas is run by Dr Beatriz Molina, one of the world’s leading authorities and opinion leaders in aesthetics medicine.

Medikas is an award winning clinic, 7 awards over the last 10 years for best clinic and best customer service.

Beatriz trained as a surgeon and worked as a GP in Somerset before setting up her first clinic in Somerset in 2007 and later her second clinic in Bristol.

Beatriz is passionate about providing safe, ethical treatments to men and women to make them feel good about themselves and their lives.

Beatriz is committed to best practice, and are active campaigners for ethical standards in the aesthetics surgery sector.

Dr Beatriz Molina

Dr Beatriz Molina - more seriousDr Beatriz Molina is the founder and medical director of Medikas Ltd.

She is a fellow of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine and a Key Opinion Leader for Galderma Global, teaching and lecturing around the world.

Originally from Spain, Beatriz came to England on a surgical rotation during her medical training and worked at Frenchay Hospital in Bristol. She then went on to become a GP for ten years during which time she developed an interest in cosmetic surgery and the emerging use of the botulinum toxin.

She undertook extensive training in many treatments and procedures in the aesthetics spectrum and in 2005 set up her first clinic in Somerset offering high quality, medically- backed cosmetic procedures.

Beatriz believes cosmetic surgery can help with issues around depression, can increase confidence and it’s that aspect of her work which she finds the most satisfying.


FullSizeRenderMillie Simcox is a qualified beauty therapist who has worked at Medikas since 2011, from both the Bristol and Street clinics.

She became a beauty therapist in 2010 and has since trained in advanced treatments in laser, chemical peels, skin tightening and body contouring.







michelleaboutMichelle has been a therapist since 2005 and started working in our Street clinic in 2010.

She’s based at the Somerset clinic and specialises in skincare, laser treatments, chemical peels and skin tightening.

She sees herself as part of a company with family ethics providing the safest most effective treatment while making customers feel at home.






Julie has been a qualified Beauty therapist since 2009. She join our Medikas team in 2016.
She enjoys performing all the advance aesthetic treatments, particularly cryolipolysis. She is based at our Bristol Clinic.



Cassie is a fully qualified beauty therapist with a wide range of experience gained over the last 3 years. It feels great as a therapist to see a result as this makes her feel that she has made a difference and made a client much happier. She has got a special interest in lasers. She also loves our pro facial facial rejuvenation treatment. She is very fun loving and loves the outdoors making her like an adventure.





Leaenna Hegarty qualified as a beauty therapist in 1998. She has had a true passion for all things health and beauty from a very young age due to her beloved grandmother. Having been qualified as a beauty therapist for over 15yrs, starting her own business and later advancing to SPMU. Whilst running her own business she also worked within an aesthetic Clinic working alongside Doctors, surgeons, Dermatologists assisting them and also carrying out advanced treatments such as laser hair removal, micro-derma, peels. She also renovates properties as its a love from being born in Cheltenham. She has a passion for interiors design, fashion, loves mindfulness, yoga, weight training and nutrition. In her quieter moments alongside spending precious time with her chuhahuahua Coco Chanel.

She joined the Medikas team in 2017 and is looking forward to training in more advanced treatments and becoming part of the team.


Great to have the knowledge that someone is qualified, well trained and experienced, you can trust them.

Cazz, Bristol